About Us




Love Celebration TeamThe team behind Love Celebration is the same dedicated group of wedding planning wizards that brought you Celebration.co.za – one of South Africa’s top online resources for all things wedding-related. After each planning our own weddings some years ago, we realised that it definitely wasn’t for the faint-hearted. So, we decided to make the process a whole lot easier on those who followed in our footsteps.


Of course, although much of the information included in Love Celebration is based on our personal experiences and ideas, we have also included brides- and grooms-to-be as well as a number of wedding planners in our research. Our inspiration comes, in many cases, from our own secret stash of ideas, which emerge after late-night discussions, Saturday morning shopping sprees and a liberal dash of online investigations. All content was written and edited by Amelia du Plessis.


Special thanks go from us, Claire and Amelia, to The Fire Room for the design and layout; Leigh-Ann, Suzaan, Renda, Andrea, Matthew and Andrew (the Celebration.co.za team) and our fabulous husbands, Ryan and Sheldon, for putting up with the Love Celebration excitement.


In addition to being an interactive guide to planning the most personal and successful wedding, Love Celebration is also about remaining greenminded, or sensitive to the environmental well-being, during the process.


The book contains extensive advice and suggestions on creating a more eco-friendly affair. It has also been printed on recyclable paper, and the downloads on this website were implemented to save money and paper on the printing process. Our marketing remains almost entirely electronic and any excess created during the production of this publication is being recycled or reused. www.greenminded.co.za is a partner site, created & maintained by us, testifying to our ongoing commitment to a healthier, happier earth.